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Previous Guests on the Podcast


Kayla/Listen To Me Speak

Kayla is the hose of the Listen To Me Speak podcast. This show covers music, TV Shows, and Films on a weekly basis. Giving in depth analysis and insightful commentary into each topic.  Kayla also offers a song of the week for viewers to look into and enjoy.

Listen to their episode!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Their Website

Cody/The Redneck Review


Based out of Kansas, Cody is part of The Redneck Review Podcast. This show is a raunchy, NSFW comedy show that features multiple segments such as: Interviews, Improv, Skits and much more. They recently moved their live show to Patreon.

Listen to their episode now!

Facebook, Instagram


Ethan runs the channel Let's Talk Elections on YouTube. Starting his journey in 2017, he has grown his channel and is becoming one of the top political experts on the site.


Listen to their episode now! 

Let's Talk Elections YouTube

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Ethan/Let's Talk Elections

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